Getting Started

How to create your first show with EffectMaster!

Plugin Requirements

  • A SpigotMC, PaperMC or PurpurMC server (or forks of those).

  • At least server version 1.16.


  1. Download the plugin from SpigotMC or Modrinth.

  2. Go to your server files and head into the plugins folder.

  3. Upload the EffectMaster.jar file into this folder.

  4. Restart your server.

  5. You're all set, time to head to Creating your first show.

Extra Dependencies

  • TrainCarts: activate shows when a train rides over a sign.

  • Animatronics: implement beautiful animatronics in your shows.

  • ProtocolLib: needed when you want to use private shows!

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