Particle Line

Moves particles from one location straight to another one.


Frequency Extra Info

In Minecraft a new entity or particle spawns every tick, but when the speed is very high an empty space comes between two entities or particles. To fix that you can use the frequency parameter. The frequency is how many entities/particles there should be every block.

This effect only activates when the speed is too big that the amount of entities or particles per block is lower than the frequency.

An example is when a particle line travels 10 blocks forward with a speed of 1 and a frequency of 5. The frequency will not be activated because the speed is 1 block per second which means that there will be 20 particles on one block and 20 is bigger than 5. If we change the speed to 10 then it'll travel with 10 blocks per second. Meaning that there should normally only spawn 2 particles on every block! This is where the frequency kicks in to spawn extra particles to fill in the gap.

YML Preset
  FromLocation: world, 0, 0, 0
  ToLocation: world, 0, 3, 0
  Particle: SMOKE_NORMAL
  Amount: 1
  Speed: 1
  Frequency: 5
  dX: 0
  dY: 0
  dZ: 0
  Force: false
  Delay: 0

Youtube Tutorial

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